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You often hear about the most popular light luxury furniture in recent years, don't you want to know about it? - George Furniture
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You often hear about the most popular light luxury furniture in recent years, don’t you want to know about it?

In recent years, light luxury has always been the mainstream style of home furnishing, occupying an important place in the market. So what are light luxury living room furniture sets? What are the characteristics of light luxury living room sets?

Light luxury is more inclined to define a style, and it is also a market demand derived from the rise of the post-80s and 90s consumer groups. In terms of design, light luxury pays attention to the expression of elegance and noble temperament, and pays attention to quality and details.

The design elements, texture of materials, and the matching of soft clothes all present a sense of sophistication, but whether it is Italian light luxury or other light luxury styles, all It is based on simplicity, abandons heavy decoration, retains the most classic design attributes, highlights the texture through exquisite soft decoration elements, and at the same time condenses unexpected functions and details, highlighting a high-quality lifestyle. It is exquisite but not overly publicized, reflecting the artistic temperament of atmosphere and simplicity.

I. Do you know the characteristics of light luxury style?

Light luxury life refers to the concept of life that advocates light luxury and new fashion. Light luxury is just a way of life that respects the quality of life. It has nothing to do with wealth or status. It represents the pursuit of high-quality life details. On the other hand, it also condenses unexpected functions and technological elements. Some people think that the light luxury style is a new fashion that pays equal attention to fashion and practicality. Light luxury home furnishing does not emphasize precious decorative materials, but strives to use simple design techniques to give the home a rich texture through the mix and match of multiple materials and the gorgeousness of the materials themselves. Such as marble, brass elements, velvet, leather decoration, ceramic tile and even wood veneer, etc., can be subtly mixed and combined, and through simple methods to show the beauty of the original ecology of materials, so that the space can finally obtain a low-key gorgeous texture.


The light luxury style pays attention to the simplicity of hard decoration, but it is not as random as the general minimalist style. In the light luxury style space, the seemingly simple and simple appearance often reflects a hidden aristocratic temperament, which is mostly reflected through furniture, wallpaper, textiles, fur and other soft furnishings. The simplicity of hard decoration is more conducive to bringing out high-quality furniture and soft decoration products.

The fusion of modern and classic

The light luxury style emphasizes the design principle of paying equal attention to modernity and classicism, and emphasizes modernity as the design method in the hard decoration. It is an important feature of the light luxury style to reflect the classical style through contemporary living room furniture and some soft furnishings.

Warm and comfortable

The purpose of luxury design is the enjoyment of life. In addition to the luxurious vision, it is also essential to satisfy the sense of luxury in the body and mind. Someone made a metaphor, in the cold winter, a top-level comfortable cashmere quilt can give you extremely gentle care, which is exactly the realm that luxury style wants to achieve. A cozy environment that allows the body to completely relax and feel extremely comfortable.


The light luxury style pursues the design that does not follow the inertia, and the pursuit of unique personality is the driving force of the light luxury style design. Designing a high-quality private space does not actually require too many luxury living room furniture sets, nor excessively cumbersome details. It is enough to use a few distinctive and unique small items to show your own taste and aesthetics.

The personalization of the light luxury style can be very specific, such as a lamp customized for a specific space, a painting made by a famous artist, these irreproducible items are the finishing touch of the light luxury style interior space.

II. Do you know what elements are usually used in light luxury style?

The light luxury style pursues the most concise design method to create a luxurious style. The simplicity of the shape is to give the luxury of the material. The so-called luxury of the material does not refer to luxury and expensiveness in the traditional sense, but refers to the gorgeousness of the material itself. Specific to furniture, it can refer to furniture with elements such as metal lines, velvet, and leather.

1. Metal Elements

The use of metal lines in home decoration has become increasingly popular, and the common ones are stainless steel strips and aluminum alloy metal strips. Metal decorative strips are not only a very good edge material, but also a decorative material with the finishing touch. Adding shiny elements is an important expression of luxury. In the light luxury home, the figure of brass can be seen everywhere, and it has become the standard of light luxury. Such as modern luxury dining tables, royal luxury dining tables, luxury dining chairs and luxury armchairs. It does not have the extravagance of gold, but it has a shining golden light, which can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, adding a noble temperament.

As a metal, brass has the cold and hard feeling of steel, but its special texture and luster can well enhance the space performance and bring the presentation of light luxury. It can be matched with wood, glass, marble, ceramics and other materials, used as the edge and corner of furniture, as well as lamps, ornaments, etc. As long as one or two details are embellished, the atmosphere of the home can be greatly different. Glass and metal are usually used locally, and some shiny elements can express the trend of decorationism and classicism, which is an important expression of luxury. For example: rose gold, tungsten steel and so on.

Edge Metal Line

The white walls are intended to create a quiet environment, and the luxurious marble countertops combined with the metal luxury coffee table bases enhance the luxurious atmosphere.

Wall Metal Decorative Line

Inspired by the coffee and milk combination, the metallic elements are appropriately added to create a luxurious aesthetic.

Display Stand Decoration

Luxurious gold embellishments make the space elegant, modern and fashionable.

Coffee Table & Sofa Decoration

The living room mainly includes modern leather sofas, modern round coffee tables, luxury end tables, luxury side tables, modern TV cabinets, modern TV tables, luxury chairs and other modern living room furniture sets.

When choosing these furniture, you can match the style with metal tripods to increase the light luxury temperament of the space. Modern leather sofa sets and luxury marble coffee tables with metal lines are more textured.

Hanging Painting Decoration

The decorative painting hanging on the wall is also an important factor in creating the atmosphere of the space.

In the light luxury decoration, the frame of the decorative painting is designed in metallic color, combined with the elegant and high-level picture content, the overall effect is also very delicate and gorgeous.

Lamp Decoration

Light luxury style lamps, whether they are chandeliers, wall lamps or table lamps, are almost all styles with metallic textures, because the lamps and lanterns are the most important parts of the space, and after the lights are turned on at night, the lamps are also more eye-catching.

Light luxury and grade of space, in the decoration of light luxury style, metal texture lamps and lanterns are generally selected.

The chandeliers that light up layer by layer also make the eyes more concentrated.

Metal Luxury TV Cabinet Handle

The storage cabinet provides a storage and storage location for the family’s sundries and storage. It is an indispensable design in modern home decoration. Almost every family will decorate a minimalist tv cabinet with an area of dozens of square meters.

In the luxury living room sets, you can choose a style design with a metal handle in a luxury TV cabinet design.

Metal Trinkets

Like most decoration styles, the light luxury style pays more attention to the matching of the overall space. Therefore, if you want to increase the light luxury and grade of the space, you can decorate the details such as tableware, vases, and ornaments, and add some metal texture elements. The layout enhances the light luxury artistic sense of the space.

The metal texture of the details and soft furnishings is the key to increasing the luxury and luxury of the space.

Light luxury style, a rookie in the mainstream of modern decoration, has removed the bloated and cumbersome elements, but has a dazzling and gorgeous style, which has become a style that modern people are keen on. Metal elements at the details are the key to creating a style atmosphere.

This article introduces the location where metal elements are often used in the light luxury style, just for reference! In the actual decoration and collocation, you can appropriately add metal elements. If you use all the above-mentioned points, and the overall space is filled with a sense of metal, the effect may be counterproductive and appear too heavy!

From a design point of view

light luxury can coexist with various styles, such as modern light luxury and American light luxury, which means adding a small amount of extravagant or luxurious elements on the basis of the corresponding style to make the space more individuation. Metal light luxury elements will not limit the style, and can be perfectly matched in Nordic, modern and American styles.

Modern Light Luxury Style

Simple and luxurious lines and shapes are more focused on the diversity and layers of materials and the presentation of textures. When a variety of elements are subtly matched, they form a beautiful relationship in the space.

American Light Luxury Style

The contrasting colors of dark brown and porcelain white are calm, restrained and fashionable, and they look more concise and open.

2. Velvet Elements

Combining velvet elements, the design revolves around fashion and light luxury. The overall color is mainly orange, with high-grade gray, gold and coffee tones. The luxury is low-key and restrained, integrating art into modern life, reflecting the owner’s elegant style and taste.

The warm and soft luxury velvet sofa, the modern single sofa chair with geometric pattern, the creative modern glass coffee table with a modern style and the modern abstract art lamp on the wall render the modern feeling of the whole modern living room sets, and are very close to the pursuit of its elegant and light luxury style. The family is happy and can sit on the modern recliner sofa, watch movies together, and spend a happy time together. All kinds of velvet are materials from fashion, and the dark and faint texture is very in line with the temperament of light luxury, and is usually used in soft clothing.

3. Leather Elements & Fur Elements

As one of the oldest materials, leather has always been regarded as a symbol of nobility, gorgeousness and luxury. It is widely used in light luxury homes with its unique texture, texture and taste, which is comfortable, durable and valuable.

Leather is an important material for light luxury, usually in contemporary leather sofa, modern mid century coffee table or soft pillows, etc. It also includes leather soft bag materials that are partially used as wall backgrounds. In common collocations, leather is mostly combined with wood, one is soft and the other is hard, bringing users a warm feeling of comfort and warmth.

Fur is often used at home as blankets in bedding or as throw pillows on modern sofas.

III. Do you know what colors are usually used in light luxury styles?

Color is an important factor in positioning style. If you want to create a feeling of light luxury, you must go through clever color matching to show rich charm. In terms of color selection, light luxury style generally chooses ivory white, milk coffee color, carbon gray or beige color, etc. Some neutral tones with high-quality texture can enhance the space temperament through clever mix and match, showing modern fashion and elegance style.

Milk Coffee Color

As a very neutral color, milk coffee color is very suitable for the performance of light luxury, such as brown mirror, coffee floor, milk coffee wall paint, etc.

Purple Grey

As a very enchanting aristocratic color, purple has a strong sense of magnificence, but usually the softness and enchantment presented by purple cannot be tolerated by light luxury. Therefore, purple gray after adding gray is usually widely used in light luxury. Shown in wallpaper, curtains, sofa fabrics, etc.


As a neutral color, it is a change of brown color, with a warm and heavy atmosphere, in line with the spirit of light luxury. Simple, fashionable and full of light luxury, when used in home design, it can not only present a warm and atmospheric style, but also draw a strong fashion and elegance.

Black and Charcoal Grey

Black means no color. Black must be given to reflective materials to reflect a unique sense of gorgeousness, such as black modern glass end tables, black modern velvet sofa, black modern leather couch, modern leather chairs,american leather sleeper sofa, etc., to maximize the gorgeous style.

When the visual impact of black is too strong, the carbon gray close to black is also very foreign and a good choice.


Ivory is a high-profile color, giving a new definition of light luxury with its unique creamy color sense. Warm ivory can express a thick, elegant texture.

In this design, the designer used a lot of camel and ivory. This home is not only warm, but also atmospheric, in line with the spirit of light luxury. The warm ivory and camel reflect the elegant texture.

IV. How to apply light luxury furniture in the home?

Light Luxury Furniture in Living Room

Living room decoration design. The space of the living room is generally spacious, so the two surrounding walls can be floor-to-ceiling glass windows, which visually looks very spacious and the lighting effect is also very good. The floor is a light-colored wooden floor, covered with a light-gray carpet, and the sofa is also a light-gray luxury leather sofa, which is soft and comfortable at first sight.

The living room mainly includes modern couches, modern square coffee tables, minimalist wood coffee tables, round modern coffee tables, modern farmhouse coffee tables, modern TV cabinets, luxury TV stands, classic TV cabinets, minimalist side tables, modern round side tables, modern end tables and other classic living room furniture. When choosing these furniture, you can match the style with metal tripods to increase the light luxury temperament of the space.

Light Luxury Furniture in Dining Room

Restaurant decoration design. In the modern light luxury style, the restaurant can choose luxury dining table sets with texture, at the same time with a few luxury dining room chairs of the same color, and with more exaggerated chandeliers, there will be a sense of high-end dining room. If there is a kitchen at the back of the dining room, it can be designed in an open layout, such as a double-in-line design, and an island can be used as a luxury kitchen table in the kitchen or as a bar counter, with a few luxury designer bar stools on it, turn on the chandelier, and you will have a great atmosphere.

The furniture in the dining room is mainly the luxury dining table and high end dining chair. When choosing these modern dining room furniture, you can choose the overall metal frame, or you can add metal material to the foot of the wooden dining table and chair base, so that the space has a wooden stability, and at the same time, gorgeous and classy with metallic texture.

Light Luxury Furniture in Bedroom

The modern bedroom furniture in the bedroom has a modern luxury bed, a modern bedroom dresser and a luxury bedside table. Since there are not many exposed parts of the bed, unless it is a metal bed, in a light luxury style bedroom, metal elements are generally added to the tripod of the dresser and bedside table.

The modern wardrobe with dressing table and chair in the bedroom are designed with metal-textured tripods, adding a sense of luxury to the space.

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