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You can’t miss the ultimate guide to purchasing a sofa that has helped more than 100,000 People!

The living room is the soul of the home, and it is also the area where we spend the most time with our family and friends. It can reflect our aesthetic taste and style to a large extent. Therefore, as one of the core furniture of the room, the modern sofa can be said to be the soul of the living room. That’s why we’ve brought you some tips and tricks today to make your sofa selection easier.

When buying a sofa, we need to solve the following problems.

  1. The First Problem: The usage scenarios and objects of the modern sofas for living room.
  2. The Second Problem: The material and quality craftsmanship of the modern couch set.
  3. The Third Problem: Stylish modern sofa design and form.
  4. The Fourth Problem: Small details when buying a small modern sofa.

We will explain to you one by one!

I. The First Problem: What are the usage scenarios and objects of the sofa you are familiar with?

Common Scenarios

1. Vulnerable type: The frequency of use is very high, such as commercial occasions, or homeowners with a large population.

2. Decorative type: The frequency of use is low, more common in villas, and there is an independent reception room.

3. General type: The frequency of use is general, and the number of people who use it is small.

Main Object Of Use

1. The elderly: Compared with young people, the strength of spine joints and muscles is not so good for the elderly, and it is relatively easier to get up with a harder sofa.

2. Children: Children like to jump and jump, and should avoid the wooden frame sofa that is easy to bump and expose. The same is true for the sharp thin frame.

3. Young people: Young people have no special precautions, just choose the appropriate seat depth according to their height.

II. The Second Problem: There are various materials and quality processes, how should we choose the one that suits us?


1. Leather Sofa

Leather sofa, because of its materials, has a unique luxury temperament. Leather sofas are divided into genuine leather and imitation leather, and animal skin is used in the genuine leather, mainly pigskin and cowhide, and imitation leather is also artificial leather.

It should be noted that the general leather sofa should also be distinguished, whether it is the contact surface leather or the whole leather. At present, when most brands say genuine leather, they only mean that the contact surface is genuine leather, and imitation leather is used on the feet and back.

Advantages of leather sofa

1. Durable and refurbished.

2. Easy to clean.

3. Gives a sense of luxury and grandeur.

Disadvantages of leather sofa

Maintenance is required to prevent the dermis oil from volatilizing and hardening, there is no modern sense, and the color selection is much less than that of fabric sofas.

Advantages of imitation leather sofa

Relatively economical prices to enjoy the senses that are close to genuine leather.

Disadvantages of imitation leather sofa

Imitation leather is not as durable as genuine leather and is easily damaged.

Style Suggestion

Personally, I think modern leather sofa sets are very suitable for American style, or more serious places. Due to its luxurious texture, the luxury leather sofa is very suitable for American style, modern light luxury style, Hong Kong style, mix and match style, or used in more serious places.

2. Fabric Sofa

The fabric sofa is wrapped in cotton and linen fabric, which has a warm temperament. Favored by the majority of consumers. The fabric of the fabric sofa is also very different. Generally, sofas with better fabrics will use wool fabrics, while ordinary ones will use pure cotton fabrics, linen fabrics, etc.

Advantages of fabric sofa

1. The appearance can be refurbished, just replace the sofa cover.

2. There are many color choices.

3. Strong modern design, more popular with young people.

Disadvantages of fabric sofa

It is troublesome to clean, and the sofa cover needs to be removed (the sofa cover of some sofas cannot be removed). After washing, the fabric may change in color, shrinkage, etc., which makes it easy to appear old.

Style Suggestion

Suitable for small apartments within 120 square meters, and suitable for Nordic style, modern style and mix and match style.

3. Wooden Sofa

Although the frames of leather sofas and fabric sofas can also be made of wood, this refers specifically to solid wood sofas and plank wood sofas. Most of the solid wood furniture currently on the market is plank wood. It has the texture of solid wood furniture, at the same time, it is sturdy and durable, and the price is low, so it is loved by consumers.

Advantages of wooden sofa

1. The sofa cushion can be replaced, and the sofa cushion can be replaced with a new one, just pay attention to the same size, and the replacement cost is low.

2. The material is visible, the frame material of contemporary leather sofa and fabric sofa cannot be verified by consumers, and the wooden sofa is exposed.

3. Generally, the modern wooden sofa design difference is relatively large, and there are many styles to choose from.

Disadvantages of wooden sofa

Solid wood needs maintenance.

High Leg Sofa  or Low Leg sofa or Floor-to-ceiling Sofa?

Usually, sofas with feet have higher requirements on the frame due to the stress. We see that many low-priced sofas adopt floor-standing design, but it cannot be understood that floor-standing sofas are low-end. According to the style Different, there are also many modern American sofa and Italian floor-to-ceiling designs.

High Leg Sofa

High Leg Sofa

Floor-to-ceiling sofa, eliminating the trouble of cleaning inconvenience.


The filling materials are: down, sponge, latex, memory cotton, cotton figurine, spring.

➢ Down usually gives the user a feeling of wrapping. But the full down has no support, and it is easy to run to both sides. So generally our common combination is sponge and down. The down also needs to be filled by partition to reduce the dispersion of the down.

Down bags with this structure can minimize

the embarrassment of down movement.

➢ The commonly used sponge density is between 25D-45D. Before latex did not appear, in order to reduce the cost and to obtain a more comfortable and soft sitting feeling, the general modern sofa will use a combination of 25D and 45D. The softer surface layer of the sponge plus the base layer of the harder sponge. Later, latex was applied on a large scale, and now the combination of latex and 45D sponge often appears. Unlike down and low-density sponges, latex can provide a soft but resilient support. Usually a 3 cm latex cushion has this effect. 4-5 cm works just fine. This feeling is very different from the traditional sponge sofa.

Use high-density and high-resilience sponge as the base support,

even if only one corner of the sponge is pinched, it will still not be damaged.

➢ Many high-quality imported sofas use memory foam and sponge as the cushion. The memory foam fits well and does not run around like down, so it needs to be beaten frequently to recover. It is also a very high-quality filling material, but because the memory foam is not as good as latex, most sofas will choose to use latex to obtain a higher product premium when the price is similar.

➢ As for cotton figurine, in most cases, it is used as a bag, and there is no need to consider the problem of collapse. At high cost, down will be used, and cotton figurine is commonly used at low cost. Cotton figurine is not cotton, but a fiber product. This is the common filling material for dolls. It has a certain rebound and is easy to shape. But the package feeling is weak.


Finally, there is the spring, which is rarely seen on modern fabric sofas, and is only occasionally seen in American classical furniture and European classical furniture. But there are many people who like spring-filled sofas, the metal compression sound of sitting down, and the springs that are usually used as sofa fillers are less rigid than mattresses. And the mattress needs to be quiet.

III. The Third Problem: There are various styles and forms, how should we choose the one that suits us?

1. Style Matching

The sofa should match the decoration style of the home. Since the shapes of sofas designed by different designers will be different, the following are more common collocations, but if the designers of the living room modern sofa design are different, this rule can also be broken.

Generally speaking:

➢ Modern leather sofa set, suitable for European style, American style, giving people a luxurious feeling of decoration style.

➢ The fabric sofa is suitable for Nordic, pastoral and simple styles.

➢ The wooden sofa is suitable for Chinese, retro, classical and pastoral styles.

European Classic Sofa

The European style is solemn and magnificent, and it is decorated with complex shapes to show the luxurious space temperament. Therefore, in the choice of furniture, classical European style can choose a European style fabric sofa with shape. In the modern European style, you can choose a simple fabric sofa or a classic leather sofa.

British Classic Style Sofa

The British style is generally simple and elegant, not as prominent as the French furniture decoration effect, but it is inevitable to deal with some details. White and wood are classic colors. British handmade sofas are very famous. They are usually made of cloth, with beautiful colors and beautiful lines. They pay attention to the color matching and symmetry of the cloth. Feminine is mainstream, but very simple.

Modern Italian Sofa

The Italian sofa is not only minimalist, the elegant design of the curved outline is the highlight of the Italian sofa design, the smooth wrapping arc design, the golden ratio is subtly divided, showing the appropriate harmonious beauty, the use of colors is very clever, The light and luxurious style is vividly interpreted.

Modern French Sofa

The colors of modern French sofas are mostly pure, pure and frugal. Romance-loving French people prefer bright colors, mostly beige, white and primary colors. French columns, carvings and lines are used in detail.

The craftsmanship is exquisite and elegant, exuding a French romantic atmosphere of solemnity and elegance.

Modern Nordic Sofa

Nordic style originated in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and other countries in northern Europe. Due to the low temperature, high altitude and multi-vegetation characteristics of its area, local furniture usually uses warm white and gray, and is decorated with logs.

Therefore, in the selection of Nordic-style furniture, it is recommended to choose a plain fabric sofa, or a sofa with a combination of cloth and wood as a match.

Modern American Sofa

The United States is a country of immigrants. Immigrants from all over Europe brought the decorative styles of their hometowns to the United States and mixed them together to form the unique openness, inclusiveness, and free temperament of the American style.

Usually the size is relatively large, without the constraints of rules and regulations, and the pursuit of sitting comfort. In terms of shape, the modern American sofa reduces the cumbersome design and pursues lightness.

2. Sofa Type

The sofa is divided into one-shaped sofa, L-shaped, curved sofa, U-shaped and so on.

One-Shaped Sofa

Generally speaking, people like face-to-face conversations, and sitting in a row on a one-shaped sofa requires twisting your neck to talk. If there are more than three people, the one-shaped sofa will be very inconvenient. The person sitting in the middle will separate the people on both sides, and the communication is not very smooth.

L-Shaped Sofa

The L-shaped sofa solves this problem. One person can sit on the seat of the imperial concubine. The conversation between 3 to 4 people is basically not a problem, and face-to-face communication can be achieved.

Curved Modern Sofa

If you feel that the L-shaped sofa takes up too much space, consider the curved sofa, which can also solve the problem of face-to-face communication, and the curve is also very beautiful. However, it is not suitable for placing it against the wall, and it should be placed in the middle of the living room or in the corner.

U-Shaped Sofa

The U-shaped sofa is more suitable for meeting rooms or large families with many people. If you think about it, if it is a three-seat sofa, it cannot be U-shaped at all. If it is a four-seat sofa, there are concubine seats on the left and right sides, and there is a limited space for a coffee table in the middle.

3. Consideration For Home Layout

If you want to facilitate the exchange of meeting guests in the small living room, you might as well use a one-shaped american leather sofa bed, plus one or more small modern sofa chairs that can be moved, not only will it not look particularly rigid, but you can move the position at will to change the layout of the living room.

The footrest can also be a sofa stool.

One-Shaped Sofa + Chairs

Lazy Sofa + Single Chair + One-Shaped Sofa

To sum up, it is enough to use a one-shaped sofa for small apartments. If the living room is relatively large, an L-shaped sofa can also be used. The U-shaped sofa will make the living room smaller and occupy a larger space. If it is matched with a coffee table, the coffee table and the sofa It is very difficult to walk in the aisle between rooms, so it is not recommended to use a U-shaped sofa directly for small apartments. Complement yours with beanbags, footrests, single chairs, and more.

If the apartment is large, there is no restriction on the type of wood modern sofa, but it can be calculated according to the actual population plus the number of possible guests.

4. Color Matching

The first matching principle is to match the color of the large block with the color of the small block, and it is better to match the color with white.

If you don’t know what color to buy, choose gray if it’s hard to choose. Gray is a versatile color, and it is also very comfortable to match with any color. Whether it is a cool color or a warm color, it is easy to match gray.

The gray color palette is also very large, with silver gray close to white and dark gray close to black. In addition to gray there are other low-saturation colors in the premium gray series. It also has a similar effect with gray.

Gray matches well with other colors, and it is cold without losing warmth. If you feel that the large gray is monotonous, you may wish to jump into the color throw pillow.

Originally, the colors in the kitchen were messy, but with the addition of a large piece of gray, it was coordinated and lively.

The second point of collocation principle, the collocation of large blocks and large blocks of color requires a certain degree of contrast in saturation.

If the color of the floor is the same as the color of the sofa, if it is kept in the same color, it will give people the feeling of no focus, and the soul of the living room can be seen. To a certain extent, the contrast has become more important. For dark floors, try a light-colored sofa. If the floor is light, try a dark-colored sofa.

The light-colored floor and the light-colored sofa, although integrated, have no point.

Dark-colored floor and light-colored sofa, highlight the center of gravity.

IV. The Fourth Problem: When purchasing a sofa, what are the small details that you must pay attention to?

Landing Height

I put this in the first place, the reason is that there are no dead spots for cleaning. The distance from the ground is too small, whether it is a broom or a sweeping robot, it is inconvenient to clean. Even if the modern sofa set is not heavy and can be moved for cleaning, the cleaning intensity will be greatly reduced. One of the biggest taboos in decoration and one of the most regrettable things about decoration is that there is no need to leave dead spots for cleaning.

Personally, it is recommended to keep at least the height that the sweeping robot can enter. At least 8 cm.


There are as many options for living and dining room sizes as armchairs and sofas. Before buying, it’s important to make sure that what we’re buying not only fits the space we’re decorating, but also that it’s just the right size, without being too crowded or leaving a lot of empty space. Therefore, please measure the size of the space before purchasing a contemporary sofa, because there have been cases where the purchased sofa cannot be placed in the home.

How big the living room, the layout design of the living room, the sofa is not the bigger the better. On the contrary, if you want to leave more space to make the room look bigger, you can choose a smaller size. Even if it is the same three-person sofa, the size of different brands is very different. Don’t just focus on how many people sit, but consider the actual situation.

1. Reserved space for coffee table and TV cabinet

Modern sofas for living room, the space reserved between the legs and the modern luxury coffee table is recommended to be greater than 0.5 meters, and the reserved space for the minimal coffee table and the minimalist TV cabinet is recommended to be greater than 0.9 meters. This data can be used as a reference for the size of the sofa.

2. The height of the sofa

Consider the height of the sofa, so that it will not cause waist discomfort in the future. The recommended height is to sit on the sofa and keep your legs at 90º to the ground. The height of the armrest is equally important as comfort, it should be around 12 to 20 cm to ensure that it is comfortable whether you are resting your hand on the armrest or resting your head on the armrest (especially important in summer).

3. The seat depth of the sofa

The seat depth of the modern contemporary sofa needs to be guaranteed to be more than 60 cm, in order to have the feeling of nesting in the sofa, otherwise it is no different from sitting on a contemporary chair.

4. The seat height of the sofa

The seat height of common sofas is about 40 cm, and functional sofas are usually 45 cm, so functional sofas require a higher backrest. Don’t think that the high headrest must be comfortable. High-back sofas often have a shallow seat depth. Sometimes you need to choose between wanting to lean on your head and lie down.


The longer a sofa can be used, the better, after all, it is troublesome to dispose of it. So whether the sofa is firm is very important. First of all, it is recommended to ask what material the frame is. Solid wood is recommended to be hard wood, such as oak (not rubber wood), elm, or metal material, otherwise steel and soft wood are not considered, such as pine. Secondly, the frame can’t be integrally formed. You need to check if there are connections. The solid wood sofa frame is exposed. You can directly look and feel.


No matter how well said, it is absolutely impossible to sit up uncomfortable. Different people have different requirements for sofas. So, the butt decides, just sit back and talk. If it is online, you may wish to read more comments, ask questions, and find out.

Environmentally Friendly

Generally, decoration pollution and furniture pollution that everyone is concerned about in decoration, pay more attention to environmental protection indicators when purchasing primers, latex paints, modern wardrobes, and modern dining table sets. However, due to its openness, sofas generally have no drawers and no odor, and are often easily overlooked. There are three main reasons why the sofa may not be environmentally friendly:

1. Frame

Everyone knows that if a wooden luxury living room furniture set encounters poor quality, it will not be environmentally friendly. The frame of the sofa is mostly plate. In addition to the Chinese sofa, the frame of the contemporary sectional sofa is basically wrapped in cloth or leather, which cannot be seen or touched. The salesperson can only tell what material it is. Generally, the solid wood frame will be better if it is not a board. If the sofa is cheap, it is likely to use artificial multi-layer composite boards.

2. Filler

The softness of the sofa makes us like to spread it on it, so its filling plays a very important role, and the thickness of the sofa cushion and sofa cushion is quite thick, so there must be a lot of materials. Is it easy to ignore? So what to do? It is better to choose a zipper, you can see the filling inside, you can smell it, there is no peculiar smell, and the verified filling is also consistent with the salesperson’s statement. And if there is no zipper, it will definitely be incomplete by touching it, and it can only rely on the brand name and environmental protection certificate.

3. Standard

This mainly depends on what the salesperson can come up with to prove that the contemporary sofa is environmentally friendly. For example, what is the standard of the frame plate?

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