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You are in close contact with the bed for 8 hours a day, have you chosen the bed that suits you?

One of the most important things in a person’s life is sleeping. Every person spends 1/3 of his life in bed to ensure high-quality sleep. Apart from a warm and comfortable atmosphere, the most important thing for sleeping is a good bed, so the selection of bedding is also a top priority, so how to choose a bed that meets your requirements and sleeps comfortably?

I. How to choose the right bed: leather bed, fabric bed, solid wood bed or metal bed frame?

Do you often feel stressed and toss and turn while sleeping? Do you feel an unpleasant sound lingering in your ears? The pressure of modern people is already so great, if you still don’t have a good sleep to recharge your body, then you may soon fall down. So stop wronging yourself, sleep problems can be solved. So how to solve sleep problems? Start by picking a good modern bed frame!

There are many types of beds on the market, but there are roughly three types of modern bed frames in the bedstead, which are mainly divided into three categories: wood, metal and soft bags. The main materials of the beds are: leather beds, fabric beds, and solid wood bed. and wrought iron beds. Beds of different materials can be selected from different furniture decoration styles and personal needs. Different modern bed frames have different comfort and functionality. Today we will analyze the comfort and functionality of different modern bed frames.

1. Leather Bed

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are willing to spend more and more money on modern bed furniture, so many different materials have begun to be used in bedroom furniture sets, and leather beds are the embodiment of people’s higher and higher requirements for sleep quality. Leather beds are not only comfortable and soft, but also colorful, round in shape, noble and elegant, and are very popular among people.

The leather bed shows the noble temperament. The headboard and modern wood bed frame of the leather bed are all made of leather, and the main colors are white, red, purple, and brown. In terms of shape, the leather bed breaks the traditional rectangular bed frame that dominates the world. There are round beds of about two meters, and there are also rectangular beds of general size.

The pillows on the headboard of some leather beds can also be adjusted in height, which not only makes people sleep more comfortably, but also turn a few pages of a book under the lamp before going to a modern leather bed, or lean on the soft mattress to watch TV, and the gentle feeling will come immediately.

Classification of leather beds

According to the style, the leather bed can be divided into: modern leather bed, American leather sofa bed, European style leather bed, classical leather bed.

Modern Leather Bed

The modern leather bed has a trendy style. It starts from a convenient life, is people-oriented, incorporates more practical functions, does not make too many complicated carvings, and takes simplicity as beauty, reflecting the effect of health, environmental protection, and natural freshness.

American Leather Sofa Bed

The American leather sofa bed makes the royal furniture commoner, and the high style is still retained. The material is made of natural materials. Like Europeans, it pays attention to the performance of details, but it will not be overly publicized, and it pays more attention to the practicality of the furniture.

European Style Leather Bed

The European-style leather bed has a large and pure plush mattress, soft fabrics, comfortable hand feel, fine workmanship, complicated and gorgeous decorative lines, giving people a feeling of enjoying beauty.

Classic Leather Bed

The cotton mattress of the classical bed that highlights the noble temperament and the side of the classical bed are often designed with unique retro elements. The whole classic bed room is elegant in shape and full of classical charm.

Modern leather beds can be divided into: ordinary leather beds, air-supported leather beds and high-column leather beds.

Ordinary leather bed

Ordinary leather bed is the most common type of modern leather bed. The manufacturing process is mature, and it has the characteristics of changeable styles, bright colors and wide selection, which is very conducive to luxury bed room matching. At the same time, it has the advantages of convenience, practicality and high cost performance.

Pneumatic leather bed

The pneumatic leather bed, as the name implies, refers to a modern leather bed with a bed box under the bed board. The air support can easily lift the bed board and air mattress to provide sufficient storage space.

High column leather bed

A high column leather bed means that there are four uprights at the four corners of the bed, which can easily hang mosquito nets and provide a good sense of privacy. This type of modern leather bed is relatively rare on the market.

Modern leather beds can be divided into leather beds and imitation leather beds according to their materials.

Leather bed

It means that the surface material is completely made of 100% cowhide, and the types are divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo cowhide. Because natural cowhide is tough and durable, most leather beds are made of cowhide.

Imitation Leather Bed

It means that the surface is made of synthetic artificial leather such as PU leather or PVC leather, which has the characteristics of not being afraid of moth, not easy to mold, and good surface water resistance. But synthetic leather is not resistant to high temperature and chemical erosion.

Advantages of modern leather beds

1. The comfort of modern leather beds is generally much higher than that of fabric beds. The softness and smoothness of leather can bring consumers a very comfortable experience.

2. The leather art bed looks very luxurious and high-grade, with an elegant shape. If the home environment of simple European style or American style is matched with a modern leather bed, it will be the finishing touch, and it will show the luxury and elegance of the home style. If the modern leather bed is equipped with a leather bedside table and bed frame, it can instantly upgrade the bedroom several grades.

3. Modern leather beds are generally filled with high-elasticity foam sponges, which are designed close to the curve of the human body and are soft and comfortable.

4. The leather material is relatively soft, and the light and hand feel are good, very soft and comfortable, and can ensure the quality of sleep well.

5. The cortex of the modern leather bed is generally breathable and has no odor. It can be used directly by pregnant women and children at home, and it is very easy to clean.

6. The headrest pillow of the pull-point leather bed will be adjusted according to the curve of the body and different postures, effectively reducing the fatigue of the cervical spine and spine.

7. The modern leather bed is convenient for daily maintenance, with real materials, wear-resistant and easy to wash.

Disadvantages of modern leather beds

1. Good leather beds are more expensive.

2. The leather bed needs to be carefully maintained and cleaned to avoid oil stains or scratches. Therefore, do not use water directly when cleaning, but use a dry cloth to wipe with a special leather cleaner.

Recommended Level

Comfort: ★★★★☆

Aesthetics: ★★☆☆☆

Price: ★★★★★

Environmental index: ★★★★☆

Recommended index: ★★★☆☆

2. Fabric bed

The colors used in the design of the fabric bed are more diverse, giving people a very warm feeling. Most of the fabric beds are designed in a simple design style, emphasizing the healthy and comfortable design concept, forming a feeling that retains warmth and is full of fashion rhythm. Bring a touch of warmth to the modern living room, and use its warm and quiet embrace to soothe every tired heart.

Fabric beds are very easy to clean, and many fabric beds are designed to be removable and washable. Fabric beds are more suitable for casual home-style decoration, such as rural or Korean style. The biggest feature of the fabric bed is that it is easy to clean. The bed cover and the skeleton of the bed are separated. When cleaning, you only need to remove the bed cover to clean it. Moreover, the choice of bed covers is very rich, and many manufacturers will have a specification. The fabric bed produces many types of bed covers for consumers to choose to meet the diversity of consumer needs.

Classification of fabric beds

According to the style, the fabric bed can be divided into: modern style fabric bed, American style fabric bed, European style fabric bed, pastoral style fabric bed.

Modern Style Fabric Bed

The modern style fabric bed has a simple structure, fashionable and generous style, practical and beautiful, and a simple but not simple minimal bed design. The new and simple design fabric bed can match many styles of interior design without causing visual abruptness. It is a good choice for home furniture.

American Style Fabric Bed

The head and tail of the American-style fabric bed are embellished with exquisite carvings, and the solid wood luxury frame has delicate fabric matching, and the dazzling luster renders a warm and romantic atmosphere.  

European Style Fabric Bed

The European-style fabric bed is very romantic, and it is like a beautiful and romantic love fairy tale at home, allowing you to live in a youthful and extremely elegant environment. The Spanish classical style is also often dominated by brocade, gorgeous colors or satin fabrics sandwiched with glitter to show the noble temperament; when the Italian style uses fabrics, it still does not deviate from its simple and generous design principles. Very bright or very cool monochrome fabrics to express the personality of the furniture itself.

Pastoral style fabric bed

American pastoral style or European country style fabric beds are often made of floral or plaid fabrics to create a natural and warm atmosphere, especially when matched with other log furniture.

Advantages of fabric beds

1. Fabric beds are the first choice for many modern young people. The design is relatively simple, which can satisfy everyone who wants to bring multiple fashion elements to the living environment, and can also create a warm living environment.

2. The fabric bed frame is simple and quiet to set off the space, get rid of tediousness and complexity, and pursue natural purity and complete relaxation. Simple and sophisticated, it can be placed without the need for a large space, making it ideal for small apartments.

3. The fabric bed is made of various beautiful fabrics, which has good air permeability and is closer to natural gentleness.

4. The biggest advantage of the fabric bed compared with the solid wood bed is that the edges and corners without corners will not be as easy to bump and touch as the solid wood bed, and the whole nest looks warm and soft on a custom mattress.

5. There is enough space at the bottom of the fabric bed frame to place sundries, which is convenient for cleaning and makes the space more clean and tidy.

6. The fabric bed is the same as the fabric furniture. The fabric on the surface can be disassembled, easy to clean, and can keep the surface clean as new.

Disadvantages of fabric beds

1. If you do not buy a reliable brand, it is easy to encounter products filled with black heart cotton. Because the surface of the general fabric bed is mostly covered with high-quality fabrics, making it very friendly and warm, it is difficult to distinguish the inherent quality from the appearance alone. Therefore, you must choose a reliable product on a reliable platform.

2. The fabric on the surface of the fabric bed is mostly chemical fiber material. If it is not maintained properly, it is easy to grow mites. Moreover, the surface of the fabric bed is not resistant to dirt. If the stains on the surface cannot be cleaned in time, it will appear very dirty as a whole, affecting the overall appearance.

Recommended Level

Comfort: ★★★★★

Aesthetics: ★★★★★

Price: ★★★☆☆

Environmental index: ★★☆☆☆

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

3. Solid Wood Bed

With the development of the times and the improvement of economic level, people are more and more pursuing original ecological things. For the choice of furniture, we no longer simply pursue its style and practicability, and begin to pay more attention to the environmental protection and originality of materials. Solid wood beds are beginning to be sought after by more and more people.

Classification of solid wood beds

According to the style

The solid wood bed can be divided into: modern minimalist solid wood bed, American style solid wood bed, Korean style solid wood bed, European style solid wood bed, Mediterranean style solid wood bed, classical style solid wood bed, Chinese style solid wood bed.

Modern Wood Bed

Modern wood beds, most of which use honeycomb panels as the material, solid wood primary color, very simple design, it seems to be a patchwork of several pieces of wood, but it is so scattered, it seems messy and neat, the wood grain is clear and beautiful, The material of minimalist wood bedis refreshing and pleasant, which is in line with the aesthetics of modern people, and is a typical modern, fashionable, healthy and environmentally friendly home environment.

American Style Solid Wood Bed

American style is divided into American country style and American classical style. American country style belongs to a natural style. American bed advocates returning to nature, and strives to express a leisurely, comfortable and natural rural life in the indoor environment, and create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere. American classical style bedding shows a rough, unprocessed, or re-worn texture and sense of age in terms of material and color.

Korean Style Solid Wood Bed

Korean-style solid wood bed, when it comes to Korean-style, many friends who are familiar with Korean dramas may know the most about the unique white tone in the bedroom, and the Korean-style pastoral bedroom is developed based on this foundation.

European Style Solid Wood Bed

European style is now more and more popular, especially in high-end residences and other places, with luxurious shapes and magnificent design, which fully brings European luxury and noble style into full play.

Mediterranean Style Solid Wood Bed

The Mediterranean has its own unique design style, with simple and soft lines, unique arch and half-arch design, simple and bright colors, and the base color is mainly sea, sky blue and white. The Mediterranean-style romantic style is completely integrated into this type of bed. It uses pure ivory white as its color tone, with smooth lines and a solid wood bedroom set, which provides strong support and naturally reveals a noble and elegant atmosphere.

Classic Wooden Bed

Classical styles are generally divided into Chinese classical and European classical. Nowadays, traditional Chinese beds are no longer equated with ancient and rigid ones. Instead, they are close to nature, simple, friendly, simple but with rich connotations, highlighting the origin of national culture.

Chinese Style Solid Wood Bed

The traditional wooden bed is mainly in Ming and Qing Dynasties, which combines the dual temperament of solemnity and elegance. The traditional Chinese-style tenon-and-mortise structure and pinning process make the bed line more smooth, chic and simple, friendly and casual, and it is the most popular form of furniture in ancient times.

Advantages of solid wood beds

1. The solid wood bed has a natural and simple texture, which will be the icing on the cake for creating a rural-style house. Many solid wood beds retain their natural textures. If these textures are used reasonably and become an embellishment of the overall style of the space, the home will show the unique charm of wood.

2. The production materials of the solid wood bed are all derived from nature, the amount of glue used is relatively small, and there is no chemical pollution, which is also in line with the current concept of people’s environmental protection concept of life.

3. Because of the special structure of wood materials, the bearing capacity of solid wood beds is generally very good, and beds with better wood will not be easily deformed even if they are used for many years, and the service life is more than 5 times that of panel furniture.

Disadvantages of solid wood beds

1. Like many solid wood furniture, the water content of a solid wood bed can directly affect the change of the overall structure. If the dehydration treatment is unreasonable, it may cause product deformation and shorten the service life.

2. It cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time during use. And if the room is too dry, it will warp, and if it is too humid, it will be damp, which may cause rot or insects.

Recommended Level

Comfort: ★★★☆☆

Aesthetics: ★★☆☆☆

Price: ★★★★★

Environmental index: ★★★★☆

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

4. Iron Bed

The iron bed is a kind of metal bed. It is more suitable for European style or American pastoral style, Chinese style, Nordic style and metal bed are not well matched. Moreover, the metal bed headrest is not very comfortable, and there will be noise when turning over in the middle of the night. Please choose carefully.

Advantages of iron bed

1. Iron beds can greatly reduce indoor pollution, which is largely due to the physical properties of iron beds.

2. The wrought iron bed has various shapes, which can be perfectly applied to modern, classical European, Scandinavian and other styles, with a wide range of choices.

Disadvantages of iron bed

1. The disadvantage of the wrought iron bed is that the paint will fall off after a long time of use, which will affect the appearance.

2. Iron beds with poor quality may make noise when they are in use, so be sure to check the quality of the beds carefully when purchasing.

Recommended Level

Comfort: ★★☆☆☆

Aesthetics: ★★★☆☆

Price: ★★★☆☆

Environmental index: ★★★★☆

Recommended index: ★★★☆☆

II. You don’t know how to choose the right bed? You must see this guide for  purchasing a bed!

1. Tips for purchasing leather beds

The leather bed is comfortable and soft, colorful, noble and elegant, not only makes people sleep more comfortably, but also beautiful, fashionable, elegant and generous, the leather is soft and smooth, but because the leather itself will have a heavier smell, it will stay in a closed space for a long time. Some more sensitive people may feel uncomfortable, so choose carefully.

1. Touch the leather: You need to know what kind of leather it is. The most common ones in the market are imported cowhide, top layer leather and second layer leather. Imported cowhide and top layer cowhide have high toughness and durability, and the price will be higher, but Value for money.

2. Look at the color: Carefully look at the color of the leather bed. The leather bed made of imported cowhide or top layer leather has a rich and shiny surface, no scars, and fine texture. Flexibility is good.

3. Smell: Smell the leather bed. As long as it is a leather bed, it will definitely have a little smell. It smells like animal fur, but it will not be pungent. This fur smell will dissipate after you buy it and let it dry for about a week. This smell is not harmful to the human body, so you can buy it with confidence.

2. Tips for purchasing fabric beds

Modern upholstered bed frames are also suitable for a variety of home decoration styles, and there are many styles and choices. Its material is soft and comfortable, and it has good resilience when pressed. It is the most comfortable among the three puffy lux mattresses, but because of its material characteristics, it is a little inconvenient to clean it daily.

1. Touch the fabric: There are generally linen and flannel on the market bed, and the one with higher knitting density is better.

2. Smell: Smell the fabric and bed frame of the fabric bed carefully. A bed with good workmanship will not have a peculiar smell. If there is a pungent smell, do not buy it.

3. Look at the rows of skeletons: The general fabric bed has only two rows of skeletons, while the good ones usually have three rows. The poplar skeletons have better toughness and are not easily deformed.

4. Check the interface: Carefully observe the workmanship of the interface of the fabric bed to see if there is any disconnection or damage.

5. Look at the side of the bed: You can tap the side of the cloth bed hard. If the sound is low and the side of the bed is thick, it will usually be stronger.

3. Tips for purchasing solid wood beds

The wooden minimalist bed frame is more versatile, and can be matched with different decoration styles, especially the Chinese style. Nowadays, bed frames are generally made of solid wood. The higher the hardness of the wood, the better the wood grain, and the higher the price. And that kind of artificial board wooden bed, which is mostly glued with adhesive, is not environmentally friendly and healthy, so try not to choose it.

1. Material: The solid wood bed should be made of solid wood, without any artificial board, without skin, without finger joint board, natural and environmentally friendly. The wood grain is as beautiful as running clouds and flowing water. Although the solid wood bed is made of solid wood, different tree species also have an impact on the price. For example, furniture such as pine wood, finger joint board, and rubber wood are not very durable and environmentally friendly. Try not to choose these, while cherry wood, White oak and walnut are both excellent materials. If you choose such furniture and take good care of it, you will have no problem using it for decades.

2. Style: It is recommended to choose a simple and atmospheric style. This style will not be out of date at any time, and it is also better to match with various styles. Choose the texture that looks clear and delicate, which will be more advanced.

3. Structure: Look at the hardware accessories of the solid wood bed. Because hardware accessories are generally used in the connection parts of the bed, like the joints of furniture, it is not easy to see at ordinary times, and high-quality hardware can ensure the service life of the bed. It is necessary to choose special hardware reinforcement at the connection of the modern wood bed frame, and the row frame is equipped with a silent felt, which fits closely to reduce friction; 4 bed feet plus 3 middle supports, seven-point support. Strong load-bearing capacity, no matter how loud you move, it will always be silent.

4. Process: The process of solid wood bed should use EU environmental protection paint and open spraying process; technology wooden row skeleton has no paint process, no formaldehyde, pure and no peculiar smell, providing a safer home experience. To choose the bed frame with high-tech wood plank, high toughness. The high load-bearing frame is not easy to break, the elastic scale is high, and the sleeping feeling is more comfortable. The wood plank is finely polished, sprayed evenly, and the burr-free particles are smooth and do not scratch your hands.

5. Environmental protection: The furniture chooses to use water-based paint and varnish, and the wood wax oil will be more environmentally friendly. Because the oil can penetrate into the wood, deeply moisturizing and maintaining the wood. Wax can bind tightly with wood fibers, enhancing surface hardness, and the combination of the two is healthier.

4. Tips for purchasing wrought iron beds

The metal bed frame is more suitable for European and American style and American pastoral style. It is relatively simple and casual. Generally speaking, the headboard of the metal bed frame is relatively solid, has a long service life, and is easy to clean, but their headboards are generally hollowed out. The comfort is poor, so you need to choose a good cushion pillow.

1. Style and color: Wrought iron beds pay more attention to the performance of the shape, and the colors and lines are much richer than those of other materials, so the range of choices is also relatively wide, consumers can choose according to their own preferences and the overall style of home decoration is similar style; Due to the material, the color range of wrought iron beds is relatively small, mainly gold and black. Consumers can choose wrought iron bed products that are coordinated with the color of the room according to their own preferences.

2. Material and processing technology: The wall thickness of the wrought iron bed is the key. The thicker the material wall, the better the quality. To choose the bed frame with a unique multi-directional mute design, stable and durable. The tripod is stably supported, without shaking and noise, and physical noise reduction. There are generally two types of paint treatment for iron beds: baking paint and spray painting. It is recommended that consumers try to buy environmentally friendly and healthy paint beds. It is necessary to choose the modern platform bed frame to be painted with non-toxic anti-rust paint, which can provide a healthy and comfortable experience and can also play a role of anti-scratch and anti-wear.

3. Brand and service: A good-quality wrought iron bed is not only of good material, firm connection, and no pollution, but also some details, such as the surface treatment of the metal material, whether there are ugly welding scars? Or have burrs that can harm skin and clothing? For example, are the bed legs and the ground connection material plastic or rubber? These are the details that need your attention.

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