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The most comprehensive guide to help you choose the most suitable coffee table!

If the sofa is the constant center of the living room, then the coffee table can be said to be an indispensable supporting role. Usually the position of the coffee table is the meeting point of the daily life of the occupants. It undertakes the main tasks of storing trivial objects and entertaining guests, and is sometimes used as a dining table and desk. A suitable coffee table can create a pleasant living room atmosphere, allowing the family to sit around and communicate happily. But with the change of people’s lifestyle, “whether to put a coffee table in the living room” has become one of the problems that are easily tangled in decoration.

The coffee table has rich and non-negligible functions, and it also occupies a large area of the living room. So under the constraints of the living environment, what are the basic skills to choose a suitable coffee table? When purchasing, what points can we go through to choose a truly satisfying coffee table?

I. The First Step: Choose the style of the coffee table

Modern Minimalist Style Coffee Table

The essence of the modern minimalist coffee table is to cancel the superfluous glitz on the appearance to reveal the original characteristics of the coffee table, pay attention to the structural logic, and pursue a concise, simple and lively style, which is simple but not simple.

Minimalist Coffee Tables in Living Room

Style Characteristics

The modern minimalist coffee table is characterized by simple and smooth lines, strong color contrast, few decorative elements, emphasizing that form obeys function, obsessed with the pursuit of minimalism and pragmatism, and placed in the living room or living room, it can give people a bright and clean look. environment to enjoy.

Purchasing Skills

The main color of the coffee table should be in harmony with the background of the living room. The material of the coffee table should also be confirmed according to the ground material. For example, the marble floor is best not to match the steel and wood coffee table.

Matching Strategy

The minimal coffee table emphasizes minimalism, so the matching is relatively simple, as long as the simple coffee table does not conflict with the home style, floor color and the main color of the living room.

You must know that decoration is a very personal thing. Now the general trend is to develop towards a small end table, because now the main decoration style is light luxury.

Luxury Style Coffee Table

Luxury coffee table, pay attention to hand-made fine cutting and carving, in the design of the shape, it is very particular, the appearance gives a dignified and elegant cultural texture.

   Luxury Marblr Side Tables for Living Room

Style Characteristics

The luxury coffee table is made of glass, solid wood and marble. Glass luxury coffee table, good three-dimensional effect. Solid wood luxury furniture is more exquisite and elegant. Luxury square coffee table, leftovers will be used to embellish the back of the chair, stigma and other parts.

Purchasing Skills

1. Look at the modeling process of modern luxury coffee tables. The hand-carved one has aura, but pay attention to whether there are flaws.

2. Pay attention to whether the sealing edge of luxury coffee table sets is  flat and whether the drawer gap is too large.

Matching Strategy

It is best to choose a luxury coffee table to match with the furniture of the same color. In order to better bring out the charm of the luxury coffee table, you can also add soft contrasting or intermediate color accessories.

American Furniture Coffee Table

The American style coffee table is generally made of natural materials, paying attention to natural comfort, warmth and freehand brushwork. In terms of materials and overall feeling, the style should be rougher.

American Furniture Coffee Table in Living Room

Style Characteristics

American-style coffee table, solid and gorgeous in appearance, compact in structure, and expensive in connection, giving people a feeling of nostalgia, natural, classic, mottled old, elegant and generous, especially leisurely and pleasant.

Purchasing Skills

1. Pay special attention to the handling of the corners of the coffee table, so as to ensure safety.

2. If the size of the American-style coffee table is relatively large, it generally seldom moves, so pay attention to its stability.

Matching Strategy

Early American coffee tables are furniture that emphasizes a heavy sense of history, so they also emphasize a sense of history in matching. It is best to match other furniture. The best matching of floor tiles is also imitation.

II. The Second Step: Choose the shape of the coffee table

There is no specific standard for the shape of the coffee tables and TV stands. If you are willing, you can remove a piece of wood from the trolley in the factory to make a coffee table.

Round Coffee Table

The exquisite and compact small round table can be used as a side table to store small objects in the living room, and can also place drinks and snacks when you need to entertain guests. The round coffee table does not occupy too much living room space, and can meet the needs of daily use. It is common in modern, Nordic, Japanese and other homes, and is suitable for small apartments.

Modern Round Wood Coffee Table in Living Room

Nowadays, modern people are more and more fond of mixed sofas. The lightness and ease of use of the small modern end table are concentrated. Of course, black carbon steel feet minimalist side table are optional.

 Black Carbon Steel Feet Modern Black Coffee Table

Or if you love logs, you can also choose the following one!

Minimalist Round Coffee Table

Square  Coffee Table

The square coffee table looks neat and simple, and most of them use wrought iron legs to make the living room look more transparent.

  Modern Luxury Square Coffee Table

Combination Coffee Table

The general shape of the combination coffee table is full of personality, and the function is further strengthened. The well-proportioned combination and matching make the space look more layered.

III. The Third Step: Choose the coffee table material

What is the coffee table made of?

If the shape is the first impression of the coffee table, then the material is the second dimension of perceiving the classification of the coffee table. Coffee tables made of different materials give people different feelings.

Wooden Coffee Table

Minimalist Wood Coffee Table in Living Room

Traits: gentle, steady, natural, traditional.

Wood is the most traditional and classic furniture material, although different woods have different properties, ash white oak is more refreshing, black walnut is more dark, and warm cherry wood.

It is this kind of wood that grows naturally. As a non-renewable material, each piece has different textures and textures that belong to it, and even has a natural imprint left by nature. This is also the irreplaceable point of wood when it is used as furniture.

Glass Coffee Table

Modern Glass Coffee Table

Traits: clear, clear, sense of space.

The traditional colorless and transparent glass coffee table is full of transparency, which can reduce the cramped feeling of the space and make it more energetic. And dark gray, dark blue and other colors are also very beautiful in design.

Metal Coffee Table

Metal Coffee Table

Traits: Line, Geometry, Design.

The metal coffee table has a sense of line and various geometric shapes. Those who pursue a sense of line and design can pick this player. There are also some heavy metal coffee table shapes, which are very hardcore.

Cement Coffee Table

Cement Coffee Table

Trait: Frigid.

Cement, the net red in the material world, will be used more on walls and floors. However, there are also many people who pursue cool and cool winds who choose this kind of material for interior decoration, and the same is true for coffee tables.

It’s not fancy at all, and it’s immersive to watch. The texture of cement pouring makes each coffee table different. It’s also a fascinating point.

Marble Coffee Table

If you choose a luxury square coffee table, you can refer to the marble coffee table below.

Luxury Square Coffee Table

Acrylic Coffee Table

Acrylic Coffee Table in Living Room

Features: changeable shape, good molding.

Like plastic and glass, but not as fragile as glass. It can be flexibly made into a variety of different shapes. It also has a good color development effect after being colored with dyes. Recently, acrylic materials have also begun to recover in the design world. In short, one word: tide!

As far as this coffee table is concerned, the advantage is that it uses the latest acrylic material, which is easier to take care of.


The material of each end table is different, but here I want to remind everyone that many buyers are always disgusted with synthetic plates. Keep in mind that even the most eco-conscious Nordic home still has plenty of synthetic panels.

So how to judge whether a synthetic board is harmful to the human body? The material harmful to the human body of the synthetic board is mainly the quality of the glue used in the production process. Bad glue will release a lot of formaldehyde after solidification. The world’s identification level is E1-E3. The lower the level, the better. E1 is an environmentally friendly board.

Therefore, when purchasing a coffee table, be sure to confirm the level of the board with the merchant and ask it to show the identification certificate. A coffee table may not be able to avoid the use of all solid wood materials, but conscientious merchants will definitely choose E1-level boards to give customers peace of mind.

IV. The Fourth Step: Choose the size of the coffee table

What size coffee table should you choose? The coffee table is generally placed in front of the sofa in the living room. The wrong size will affect the sense of space and indoor activities. So when choosing the size, how can we consider the size of the coffee table?

There is no specific answer to this, everything depends on the style of the furniture, but normally it is most appropriate to account for 1/3 to 2/3 of the total length of the sofa.

Sofa Proportion

In terms of size, this method is simply: 0.618 × sofa length = the best reference value for the size of the coffee table.

If you choose this kind of light and luxurious small coffee table, try to keep the length at about 1/3 to 1/2 of the sofa.

But if it is this kind of modern

 rectangular coffee table, it does not matter even if it is a little longer.

This modern contemporary coffee table means that sofas of 2-3 meters are very suitable.

Space Size

Considering the size of the space is actually to serve the moving line, that is, to facilitate indoor activities. In the interior design specification, the size of the aisle that people pass through is in the range of 80cm-120cm. That is, the space between your coffee table and the wall and the TV wall must be set aside 80cm-120cm, especially for some small units. When the living room is crowded, you need to pay more attention.

The distance between the coffee table and the sofa is generally 40cm.

Chalk Frame Layout

Just feel it on the spot, draw a frame on the ground with chalk, and determine the approximate size. Use chalk for a solid layout. There may be no concept of the size of some things, and if there is no size, it is just scribbling on the floor plan given by the developer. Always feel like this is not right, and it is not right there. Because people who have not received professional interior design training, it is difficult to directly have an intuitive feeling about the size. But the real thing is drawn with chalk. It’s like putting yourself on the map.

Bring a box of chalk and stand in the empty rough room to roughly map the location and size of important spaces. For example: the position of my sofa in the living room, the position of my coffee table, the position of my single chair. Draw the dimensions of these things from chalk on the ground. Then feel it for real.

Finally, what is the use of the finished frame? Note down the size. For example, a sofa with a width of 2.8 meters and a depth of 80 cm is the most suitable for this space. Then when you buy a sofa, you are buying it compared to this frame, and you can’t go wrong. When the furniture has not yet entered the market, the pot friends who do not have much concept of the size can take this method.


Some furniture sellers will use this method to put different sizes of coffee tables into the VR drawings of your home to see which is the most suitable. Friends who have this technical support can also use it at home.


Having said so much, still don’t know how to choose?

The following is written for super lazy friends. According to different needs, we will help you choose.

According to your needs, choose a coffee table for different purposes.

If it is placed between the single sofa, you can choose a small coffee table; if it is placed in front of the double sofa and the three-person sofa, you can choose a large coffee table.

If the sofa is placed against a wall or at an angle, you can choose between the armrests of the sofa and place a square coffee table near the corner to make the most of the space.

If the coffee table is not only used to place tea sets, but also other items such as newspapers, telephones, flowers, etc., you can choose a double-layer, triple-layer or a coffee table with drawers.

Choose a coffee table that is consistent with the style of home decoration.

When choosing a coffee table, pay attention to its style to match the overall home decoration style. Pure glass and metal with glass coffee tables have a clear, fresh and transparent texture, which can be matched with stylish and modern decoration styles. Wooden coffee table is suitable for classical space or heavy Chinese decoration style. Marble coffee tables are suitable for different decoration styles according to different colors: white can be matched with pastoral style, yellow can be matched with European style, marble table top with solid wood table legs can also be matched with Chinese style. Rattan coffee tables can be matched with pastoral or European style.

Consider the size of the space and choose a coffee table of the right size.

If there is a large space for placing a coffee table at home, you can match the color of the sofa when purchasing a coffee table. In order to achieve a visual aesthetic effect, the length of the coffee table is seven-fifths to four-thirds of the length of the sofa, and the width is six-fifths of the width of the sofa.

In addition, if the home space is relatively small, then you might as well design the room to be warmer. Such a small room is very suitable for placing a more delicate coffee table. If the sofa in the living room is rounded, choosing an oval small coffee table will appear milder.

If it is in a large space, in addition to the large coffee table that can be matched with the main sofa, next to the single chair in the living room, you can also choose a higher side table as a functional and decorative small coffee table, adding more interest and beauty to the space.

Choose the color of the coffee table according to the color of the sofa.

The color of the coffee table has a direct impact on the improvement of the visual effect of the whole room. The fresh and natural colors can better show the warmth and comfort of the room, while the calm or dark wood furniture is more suitable for a more classical style. The color is neutral, it is easier to coordinate with the space, and it is more versatile.

On the other hand, when choosing a coffee table, you also need to consider the color of the sofa and the color of the ground. Usually, if the floor is tile, then the coffee table should be the same color as the sofa or the opposite color. If the floor of the living room is a wooden floor, then the color of the coffee table should be based on the approximate color or light color of the sofa.

Choose the material of the coffee table according to the style you want.

There are many materials for coffee tables, including marble, metal, glass, and solid wood. If the style of the sofa is American or European style, then use marble. Use glass or metal for a minimalist style. If it is Chinese style, use solid wood. All other styles of sofa can use marble.

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