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The choice of dining table I : How should you choose the shape of the dining table?

People take food as their priority, and no matter how small a house is, there must be a dining area. In addition to the three meals a day for myself and my family, the dining table is also indispensable for gatherings of relatives and friends. There are square tables and round tables. How to choose the shape of the table that suits you?

Square Table

Generally speaking, restaurants with rectangular or smaller spaces are more suitable for square tables.

Advantages of square table

The modern rectangular dining table is currently the most popular dining table style, giving people a formal feeling. It is suitable for rectangular restaurants, which will make the restaurant high-end. Modern rectangular dining tables can be used in large and small restaurants, which can not only save space but also expand the space visually.

Disadvantages of square table

Rectangulardining table hassharp corners, so it is very easy to bump people. However, due to the limitation of the shape of the table, it will be crowded if there are too many people.

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★ The best number of people and size reference for the square table:

In addition to the size of the apartment, don’t forget to choose the size of the dining table according to the number of people!

1. The number of people who eat at home (the number of people who eat at home every day).

2. The frequency of visitors (the number of guests usually received).

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After understanding the most basic needs, determine the size of the table.

① Small apartment: 1-2 people, the length of the dining table is within 1.2m.

② Small and medium units: 2-4 persons, dining table length 1.4m-1.6m, width 75-85cm.

The dining table of this size has a relatively small floor area, and is especially suitable for small and medium-sized families, especially the dining room area is small. With benches or modern dining chairs, a modern dining table set for 6 or modern dining table for 8 can not only meet daily needs, but also easily complete 6-8 people’s hospitality needs.

③ Large apartment size: more than 4 people, the length of the dining table is 1.6m or more than 1.8m.

This type of dining table is more suitable for larger apartments. The large-sized dining table can not only accommodate more people to eat at the same time, but also can be used as a work table with a larger operating space.

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Folding Dining Table

At this time, in order to flexibly adapt to occasional guest visits, more and more people choose the modern folding dining table.

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Advantages of folding dining table

Make up for other table size limitations, the folding dining table can be opened at any time, and can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time. Very space saving.

1. Save Space

Choose a foldable dining table, fold the table to save space, and when guests come, the dining table can be unfolded, which is very convenient and practical.

2. Strong Decorative Effect

There are many styles of foldable dining tables, which not only do not occupy space, but we can also place several vases on it, which has a strong decorative effect.

3. Strong Functionality

Some foldable dining tables have their own storage function, which greatly increases the storage capacity of small-sized spaces. At the same time, chairs can also be placed inside the foldable dining table, and then taken out for use when necessary to improve space utilization.

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Disadvantages of folding dining table 

A folding dining table takes a lot of effort to open and fold. It is recommended to buy products with good quality, otherwise there will be problems after a few uses.

1. Difficulty Cleaning Up

Since the folding dining table has the function of folding, it needs to be connected by connecting pieces. The dining table is composed of several dining tables, and there will be a gap between each dining table. Although the gap of the folding table top is not very obvious, it can hide dust and dirt. It is easy to have storage residues and grease residues left in the gaps, and it will feel very untidy if not cleaned in time.

2. Inconvenient

Folding dining tables are generally heavy, and it is inconvenient to fold them together. Lightweight and flexible materials will have insufficient bearing capacity and unstable feeling when used. Folding dining tables are often used, the connected hardware is easy to be damaged, and each part is easy to fall apart.

★ Suitable house type and family

 It is suitable for often entertaining guests at home, but the apartment type space is small.

Round Table

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The atmosphere of the luxury round dining table is better, the circle symbolizes the family get together and reunion and harmony, and the round table is easier to pick up food in terms of convenience.

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★ Best number of people and size reference for round table:

①Small and medium units: 2-4 persons, dining table diameter 800-900mm.

②Large apartment size: 4-8 people, the diameter of the dining table is not less than 1.1m.

③Super large apartment: 8-13 people, the diameter of the dining table is more than 1.6m in diameter.

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From the point of view of safety, the square table has edges and corners that will inevitably bump. Families with children choose a round table or a square table with rounded corners, which has a higher safety factor!

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Oval Dining Table

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Advantages of oval dining table

The modern oval dining table combines the advantages of both the rectangular dining table and the round dining table. There are no sharp corners and will not bump into people, and there are many people sitting.

Disadvantages of oval dining table

Pay attention to style and style when choosing the modern oval dining table, otherwise it will look too cheap.

In addition to the above factors, the following three factors will also affect the choice of dining table.

Professional Family Dinner

If you only have occasional banquets, you can buy a modern folding dining table and squeeze it. But I like to invite friends to get together often. It is recommended to buy an oval dining table with a turntable, which can be turned around at any time, and can accommodate and cook a lot of people.

The modern round dining table or modern rectangular dining table can take more care of everyone’s dining needs and can accommodate the maximum number of diners.

Combination of Office and Dining

If you like to work from home for a long time, you can buy an extra-long large rectangular dining table, which can be used for office work and meals at the same time. It is recommended that for the office table, a small drawer storage area can be added below, which is convenient for switching between work and dining environments.

Open Kitchen

Large-scale independent dining room, the dining table is connected to the island kitchen bar.

Small Open Kitchen With Dining Table and Cabinets

If you use an open kitchen at home and the dining room area is less than 7 square meters, you can directly buy a small dining table and connect it to the countertop to increase the size of the dining table. If you have an independent restaurant with an area of ​​more than 15 square meters and a family with an independent western kitchen bar, you can consider connecting the dining table to the bar to form an oversized dining table.

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