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The Best 7 Trendy Dining Table Material and Top 5 Dining Table Brand Recommendations for 2022 - George Furniture
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The Best 7 Trendy Dining Table Material and Top 5 Dining Table Brand Recommendations for 2022

The dining table is one of the indispensable pieces of furniture in everyone’s home. It is not only tableware for eating, but also a space for the family to communicate together. Therefore, everyone needs a good dining table at home, not only to match the decoration of the home, but also sturdy and durable. Practicality is also very important. There are many dining table materials on the market today. Now, I will bring you a recommended introduction of dining table materials.

Because each family has a different style, with different decorations, designs and materials, each family can have its own characteristics. As one of the indispensable furniture in the home, the dining table is also an important part of the integrity of the home. With the correct material, it can highlight your exclusive style.

Before we talked about how to choose the shape of the dining table, but the eating habits of each family are different. Some people put placemats when they eat, and there is no problem with what kind of countertops are used. Friends who don’t have a placemat will think, what kind of countertop is waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant and dry-resistant?

There are many choices of materials, such as mainstream marble materials, slate, glass panels and solid wood materials, etc. Different materials will have their own advantages and disadvantages. We have selected six of the most mainstream, best and most common dining table materials.

I. What are the most popular materials for dining tables? And what are their advantages and disadvantages?

1. Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid wood material is also our most common material, and it is also the most common and widely used style in the table material recommendation. The simple and generous wood color and design, as well as various shapes and different woods to choose from, are deeply loved by everyone.

Modern wood dining tables are made of natural wood, and there are many varieties. Tables made of solid wood can often see more diverse designs, because most of them can be carved at will. And the life of solid wood is also very long, and it is versatile and cost-effective.

The luxury wood dining table is beautiful, it will not get cold in winter, but it is very delicate to use, afraid of being scalded and afraid of water and scratching, so the surface of the classic wood dining table is mainly painted in two ways: oil-based paint and wood wax oil surface. Oil-based paint is a closed coating that coats the wood with a hard film of paint. The paint film can also hold down the wood fibers, so it won’t fluff when the weather is wet or the table is wiped with a damp cloth. The paint film is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant and has to be refurbished as a whole.

The wood wax oil is an open coating, you can see the natural texture of the wood, and you can also feel the original texture of the wood. Wood wax oil is far less protective of wood than oil-based paint, but it can be partially refurbished and easy to maintain. However, without the paint holding down the wood fibers, fuzz will appear on wet days or when wiping the table with a damp cloth. After buying a wooden wax oil table to go home, it must be brushed and maintained every six months, and used carefully.

Advantages of solid wood dining table

1. The solid wood dining table is sturdy and does not shake easily.

2. There are many styles of solid wood dining tables and various price points.

3. The solid wood dining table is safe and environmentally friendly. The material of solid wood is a natural material, which is more safe and environmentally friendly, and is harmless to the human body.

4. The solid wood dining table is durable, because the material of solid wood is very hard, so if it is well maintained, it can be used for a long time, usually about 20 years.

5. The texture of the solid wood dining table is very natural and beautiful, and the overall style is easy to match, and any style can be controlled.

Disadvantages of solid wood dining table

1. Solid wood dining table maintenance is not easy, it needs to be kept dry and regularly protected.

2. The quality of wood material varies, and it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance.

3. Because it is made of solid wood, it is prone to scratches or water stains during daily use, and the longer it is, the easier it is to be damaged.

Compared with glass, metal and marble dining tables, wooden dining tables lack the crystal clear beauty and the sturdiness of metal and marble, but give people a sense of stability at home.

2. Glass Material Dining Table

Glass material is another widely used table material recommendation. The modern glass dining table provides a clear and clear feature, and the large glass is easy to clean, making the whole space look atmospheric and stylish.

The biggest advantage of tempered glass is that it is easy to clean, whether it is water stains or oil stains, it can be easily cleaned, and it is loved by young people. I have always liked luxury glass dining tables, because they are very good-looking and have a generous appearance, which is very suitable for minimalist style. And the glass also has great high temperature resistance, and it is very resistant to dirt!

However, glass is relatively easy to scratch, unlike marble and solid wood table tops that can be polished and repaired. If you don’t mind or can’t use a table for more than ten years, a glass top table is fine. If the dining space is limited, glass countertops can also make the dining room look bigger.

Advantages of glass dining table

1. The biggest advantage of the glass dining table is that it is easy to clean, water and oil stains can be easily cleaned.

2. There are many shapes, styles and patterns of glass dining tables, and there are many choices to meet the different needs of consumers.

3. The glass dining table is safe and environmentally friendly, and there is no pollution.

4. The glass dining table has high hardness and scratch resistance.

5. The glass dining table itself is heavy, which increases the stability of the dining table.

Disadvantages of glass dining table

1. Tempered glass may be in danger of self-explosion because of the temperature, so to choose a hard and high-temperature resistant material, you must choose a qualified and high-strength tempered glass, and the safety will be higher.

2. Glass dining tables are mostly paired with stainless steel or steel legs, which are prone to rust.

3. Stone Dining Table

According to different materials, stone can also be divided into many kinds, such as marble, burnt stone, slate stone and other stones. Marble is a popular household material at the moment. Its material is hard and wear-resistant, the surface is delicate and smooth, and it is very textured. However, because some lines are not easy to take care of, artificial marble is easier to clean.

The burnt stone countertop table is more individual, and the black table top is more suitable for the Nordic style, but the burnt stone table has a disadvantage, that is, the surface will have a bumpy feeling, which is relatively not as clean as the smooth surface of marble.

Marble Dining Table

Natural or artificial marble, which is recommended as a dining table material, is the first choice of many wealthy families. Both marbles offer high hardness and excellent durability, and the smooth and translucent surface of marble can elevate the luxurious and noble atmosphere of the home to new heights.

Advantages of marble dining table

1. The luxury marble dining table is a very high-end table, and it has a beautiful surface pattern, which is very beautiful; compared with other tabletops, it is indeed not in the same level of beauty, and even the aura is different.

2. Marble is not easy to deform, has high hardness, and is not easy to scratch, very wear-resistant.

3. The marble dining table is not easy to corrode, and it will not rust. The maintenance is very simple, so the service life is very long.

4. Marble dining table surfaces are easy to maintain and clean, and are extremely durable.

5. The marble dining table can be very hard in a humid environment, not affected by humidity or temperature.

Disadvantages of marble dining table

1. Marble dining tables are extremely heavy and difficult to move.

2. Due to the capillary phenomenon of natural marble, liquid dirt is easy to penetrate.

3. The marble dining table is a bit difficult to take care of with oil stains, and needs to be painted with varnish to restore its original appearance.

4. The environmental protection of a marble dining table is not as good as that of a solid wood dining table.

Slate Material Dining Table

Slate is also a material that can often be seen in the market. It is resistant to dirt and wear, waterproof, and will not fade. It is also convenient to maintain and use. It is a more cost-effective choice than marble.

The slate countertop dining table is relatively light, because the thickness of the slate is generally relatively thin. For example, the common slate is 3-12mm thick, which is very thin compared to other materials. It is more suitable for minimalist style decoration. The advantage of the slate countertop is that it does not penetrate Color, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, the disadvantage is that it is too expensive.

Advantages of slate dining table

1. The hardness of slate is very high, which is higher than that of stainless steel, and its wear resistance and scratch resistance are very good.

2. The slate material has its own antibacterial effect, so it is very suitable for use as a dining table.

3. The slate texture is nice.

4. Slate has good stain resistance and good permeability.

Disadvantages of slate dining table

The production process requirements of slate are relatively high, and the slate is prone to damage during transportation, so the transportation cost is relatively high.

4. Stainless Steel Dining Table

Stainless steel dining tables, because of their simple maintenance and high durability, are currently mostly used in public places, such as playgrounds, hypermarkets, etc. If they are used in household stainless steel dining tables, they are mostly paired with glass and marble.

Advantages of stainless steel dining table

1. Stainless steel dining table is durable and lightweight.

2. The stainless steel dining table has a cool and trendy style.

Disadvantages of stainless steel

1. The quality of stainless steel varies, and inferior products are easy to rust.

6. There are few styles of stainless steel dining tables, and it is not easy to match and use flexibly.

5. Rattan Dining Table

The last common dining table material recommendation is rattan. Rattan dining tables are divided into natural rattan and artificial rattan, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and rattan furniture is loved by certain ethnic groups because of its natural and simple texture.

Advantages of rattan dining table

1. The rattan dining table is breathable, has high toughness, and is light and easy to move.

2. Natural vines grow fast and have a low impact on the environment.

Disadvantages of rattan dining table

1. Natural rattan is expensive and difficult to maintain.

2. Artificial rattan is a plastic product that has a negative impact on the environment.

II. What are the top dining table brands in 2022?


Dining table sets are a fast way to make a dining room look perfectly pulled together. The dining sets of IKEA also give you comfort and durability in a big choice of styles. And less time searching for a dining table and chairs means more time for sharing good food and laughter with family and friends.


CB2’s dining table style is dominated by minimalist style, with simple shape and smooth lines, which is the perfect embodiment of minimalism. When used with other furniture, it can enhance the overall style and is very beautiful and fashionable.

George Furniture

George Furniture is a furniture supplier covering a variety of furniture, so the dining table is no exception, no matter what style of dining table, light luxury, minimalist, modern, contemporary, retro, no matter what material the dining table is , marble dining table, glass dining table, solid wood dining table, as long as you want, you can find it here.


The furniture style of the HOMELESS is dominated by minimalism, and the dining table is also dominated by minimalist style. If you like minimalist dining tables, don’t miss it.


No home is ever truly complete without a dining table – where else is your family going to convene over a warm, hearty meal? EMOH Furniture Store in Hong Kong and Singapore offer different collections of solid wood dining tables. The solid wood dining tables are the perfect, sturdy, and long-lasting furnishing for your homes. EMOH has got everything from American Oak Wood, Walnut Wood and Teak Wood.

*Precautions for buying a dining table

1. Are the table legs stable?

When buying a dining table, pay attention to the material of the table legs. Generally, there are two kinds of table legs: metal and solid wood. You have to shake it on the spot to see if it can shake.

2. Are the corners smooth?

For square and rectangular dining tables, pay attention to the corners. If they are too sharp, try not to choose them, or buy anti-collision strips to wrap them later.

3. Is the dining table difficult to clean?

The question of whether the dining table is clean or not is back to real life. If you are a lazy person, you really need to consider whether the surface of the dining table you choose is easy to clean.

This concludes today’s introduction to table materials. I hope this article can help you answer the question of choosing table materials. If you want to know more about table related issues, please refer to further reading. If you want to know more about furniture, if you have needs and ideas for furniture design, please feel free to communicate with us. We would love to talk with you soon!

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