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6 Modern Style Characteristics and Top 4 Modern Style Furniture Brands Recommendation

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Modern style furniture is a popular style of furniture. It pursues fashion and trends, and pays great attention to the perfect combination of the layout of the room space and the use of functions. Modernism, also known as functionalism, is a product of industrial society. Its earliest representative was the Bauhaus school built in Weimar, Germany. Its theme is: to create an environment that enables artists to accept the most labor-saving environment for modern production – a mechanical environment. This idea of technical aesthetics is the biggest revolution in interior furniture of this century.

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Modern style is modernism style. Modernism, also known as functionalism, is a product of industrial society. It originated from the Bauhaus school in 1919. It advocates breaking through traditions, creating innovations, paying attention to functions and spatial organization, focusing on the beauty of the structure itself, and the simplicity of shape. Oppose superfluous decoration and advocate reasonable composition technology; respect the characteristics of materials, pay attention to the configuration effect of the material’s own texture and color; emphasize the connection between design and industrial production. Modern styles are generally used to describe architectural and interior works and design works.

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I. What are the characteristics of modern minimalist furniture styles?

Feature 1: Simple, lively, practical and generous

Modern Minimalist Lounge Chair

The characteristics of modern style furniture are simple and lively, emphasizing functional design, simple and smooth lines, and strong color contrast. These are the most obvious features. The characteristics of modern style furniture are very obvious, which is why consumers currently favor modern style furniture. one. Modern style furniture has the characteristics of simplicity, liveliness, practicality and generosity. It is made of minimalism. I think everyone can see it from the pictures of modern style furniture we provide.

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The main feature of modern minimalist furniture is its frame lines, which are more concise than other types of furniture. This is because the modern minimalist style pursues minimalism, abandons redundant line decoration, and pursues practical beauty with smooth and concise lines, this kind of beauty is not simple straightforwardism, but a true portrayal of simple beauty. This kind of simple and not exaggerated line shows the modern minimalist style vividly, catering to the modern people’s pursuit of spiritual enjoyment.

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Feature 2: Application of new materials and new technologies

The second characteristic of modern style furniture is the use of new materials or new technologies, which is very different from classical furniture and is a symbol of modern society. A large number of new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials, which are also common decorative techniques for modern furniture, which can bring people an avant-garde and unconstrained feeling.

Stainless Steel Dining Table

Modern furniture also uses the knowledge of light and shadow to pursue an unconventional space structure, which is favored by many young people. Contemporary furniture is also arranged in contrasting colors, as well as the combination of rigid and soft materials, which is very innovative.

Rectangle Metal Dining Table

Feature 3: Elegance

Modern furniture is also characterized by elegance. Although modern furniture in our mouth is very open and fashion-forward, modern furniture is also elegant. Its literary and educational circles have a soft spot for elegance, they pay attention to brands, and emphasize comfort and warmth. This is also the footsteps pursued by modern style furniture.

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Feature 4: Neoclassical style

The characteristics of modern style furniture also contain neoclassical style, which is also the sublimation of modern style furniture in meaning. Modern style furniture attaches great importance to the combination of classical and modern styles. The perfect combination also allows consumers to fully appreciate the essence of modern style furniture, allowing people to enjoy material civilization and also get spiritual comfort.

Minimalist Wood Coffee Table

There are many characteristics of modern style furniture. In fact, Mediterranean style is also a kind of modern style furniture. , which integrates decoration and application.

Feature 5: The pursuit of practicality

Advocates to maximize the use of the limited space. In the selection of furniture, it is emphasized that form follows function, and everything starts from a practical point of view, discarding superfluous additional decorations. Simplicity is not only a way of life, but also a philosophy of life.

L-shaped Stylish Modern Sofa Design

Modern minimalist furniture is designed with practicality in mind, putting the comfort and convenience of the family in the first place. Therefore, modern minimalist furniture is not only beautiful, but also very practical. The renovated houses have a harmonious and comfortable effect, enabling people to get enough relaxation and rest to make you feel at home. Not as rich and fancy as European furniture will give you a sense of depression. Generally, modern minimalist furniture such as sofas, chairs, and beds are larger in size, and the corners are less decorated, giving people a comfortable and spacious feeling, making people feel comfortable and casual at home as soon as they see it.

Modern Solid Wood Dining Table

Feature 6: Emphasize the coordination of furnishings

Due to the simple lines and few decorative elements, modern style furniture needs soft furnishings to show its beauty. Modern minimalist style furniture, emphasizing that the center of design is functionality: pay attention to the scientific nature of design and the convenience of use; adopt more new materials and new processes; mainly neutral colors, adding some geometry irregularly Graphics and other elements. It is characterized by simplicity, practicality, beauty, texture and connotation. Many designers have said that the modern minimalist style looks simple, but it is difficult to do, that is, it is simple but not simple. Compared to other styles, it’s the easiest to get mixed up with.

Because modern minimalism is not like other styles, there are such clear characteristics that are not easy to ignore. What it pursues is a tasteful casual, seemingly casual, but in fact requires a lot of effort. Simplicity represents quality, and simplicity is actually a refinement. The design idea of ​​simplicity has been popular in the world in just a few years, and it has not faded to this day.

Curved Modern Sofa

Dazzling colors, exaggerated shapes, delicate and neat lines, and the mix and match of various materials are the characteristics of minimalist style furniture. Simple style furniture design, the spirit of minimalism is mainly derived from Western modernism in the early twentieth century. The characteristics of this style are that the elements and materials of its design are very simple, but the formation of colors is very labor-intensive, and the materials used are of high quality and expensive.

Therefore, the minimalist home space is more subtle, but it emphasizes texture. Simple style furniture decomposes art into different elements, and then systematically uses and creates them, and firmly believes that new materials such as metal, plywood, plastic, glass, and industrial production processes can be mass-produced both aesthetic and economical furniture.

Tufted Modern Sofa

With the further development of industrial technology, the design of minimalist style furniture is more focused on ergonomic research and the development of new materials. Whether it is a chair with a unique shape or a sofa that emphasizes comfort, the combination of functionality and decoration, as well as furniture that pays attention to environmental performance, are more popular among people.

For many young people, the pressure of career and cumbersome entertainment make them need a simpler environment to give themselves a space to relax both physically and mentally. Indiscriminate and unconstrained, freedom is not restricted by load-bearing walls, which is the first requirement that many consumers put forward when facing home furnishing designers. In the decoration process, the relatively simple craftsmanship and low cost are also accepted by many working classes.

II. 4 Elements of Modern Minimalist Style Furniture

1. Space

No matter how big the room is, it must appear spacious. There is no need for cumbersome decoration and excessive furniture, and the overall coordination of space and furniture is maximized in the decoration and arrangement. In terms of modeling, geometric structures are mostly used, which is the modern minimalist fashion style.

2. Function

Advocates to maximize the use of the limited space. In the selection of furniture, it is emphasized that form follows function, and everything starts from a practical point of view, discarding superfluous additional decorations. Simplicity is not only a way of life, but also a philosophy of life.

3. Material

Fully understand the texture and performance of materials, pay attention to the harmony and complementarity between environmental protection and materials. The rational application of new technologies and new materials is a crucial link. Only by reflecting popular and fashion in the combination of people and space can represent the changing modern life.

4. Color

The sound and color at home is not about more, but about matching. Too many colors will give people a chaotic feeling. In the modern minimalist style, use some pure tones to match, so that no matter the furniture shape and space layout, it will give people a refreshing surprise.

III. 5 Modern Minimalist Style Furniture Matching Skills

Modern minimalist style furniture matching skills, minimalist style has always been the pursuit of most people’s lives, and in home life, minimalist style furniture is even more popular all over the world. Buying a minimalist piece of furniture doesn’t mean you’re the best at matching. Don’t believe it? Then let’s see if you know the following modern minimalist style furniture matching skills.

1. Dining Room Furniture Collocation

Minimalist Wood Dining Table and Modern Wood Chairs

The furnishings of the restaurant should be both beautiful and practical. All kinds of decorative items vary according to the dining environment. The decoration of the dining room set in the kitchen should be coordinated with the facilities in the kitchen; the decoration of the dining room set in the living room should be unified with the function and style of the living room. The layout is designed to be more relaxed and romantic. Relatively speaking, when decorating an independent restaurant, there is more freedom.

2. Living Room Furniture Collocation

The furniture in the living room should be arranged according to the activities and functional nature of the room. The most basic and minimum requirement is to design a group of seats (usually sofas) for rest and conversation, including coffee tables, and corresponding, such as TV, audio, books and newspapers, audio-visual materials, beverages and utensils and other equipment and supplies, other requirements should be based on the singleness or complexity of the living room, add corresponding furniture and equipment.

3. Balcony Furniture Collocation

Nowadays, almost every household has one or two balconies. Although the balconies of different houses have different widths and sizes, something is better than nothing. When considering room decoration, don’t forget to beautify the balcony. Ventilation, ventilation, lighting, cooling, drying clothes, drying things, etc. are naturally some functions of the balcony. But in addition to these, potted flowers and plants make life more beautiful, and are also an important potential function of the balcony that cannot be ignored.

4. Children’s room Furniture Collocation

  • Pre-school children’s rooms are available in brightly coloured wooden furniture.
  • The furniture should be firm and smooth without acute angles, and the height should be moderate. It is best to choose short furniture.
  • Floors are carpeted or wood or plywood.
  • Lighting should be soft.
  • Walls can be painted with colorful wallpapers or cartoons to liven up the indoor atmosphere.

5. Turn the blank into useful, the space is created by yourself

For the owners of small apartments, the furniture in the living room needs to be carefully designed to make reasonable use of the space, reasonably choose and arrange large furniture such as modern TV cabinets and bookcases, and make full use of them to help store items.

IV. What are the top brands of modern minimalist furniture?


No list of simple, minimal décor brands would be complete without a mention of IKEA, the Scandinavian home goods outlet with a reputation for its streamlined, affordable products. It offers furniture and smaller décor details for every room in the house, from the living room to the kitchen.


MUJI is a veritable one-stop shop of minimalist products. You can shop for everything from furniture and décor to travel essentials and clothing at the Japanese retailer. Of course, we’re partial to their home décor products, which are decidedly minimal and often made with recyclable materials. The brand takes minimalism to the next level by avoiding waste when it comes to production and packaging. And, to the delight of staunch minimalists everywhere, they also have a no brand and no logo policy.

George Furniture

George Furniture is a furniture supplier covering a variety of styles and furniture products. Of course, minimalist furniture is no exception. The minimalist furniture of George Furniture is simple and bright, emphasizing functional design, simple and smooth lines, and strong color contrast. A large number of new materials such as tempered glass and stainless steel are used as auxiliary materials.

All Modern

All modern is a furniture company with minimalist and modernist styles. The styles mainly include Mid-Century, Scandinavian, Minimalist and Modern-Farmhouse. The design of the furniture is simple and uncomplicated, and it is suitable for matching other styles in home decoration. furniture.

Modern minimalist style furniture matching skills may seem simple, but they are actually very complex. We need to do a good job in every detail in order to bring perfect visual enjoyment to the living room. Through our explanation of the matching skills of modern minimalist style furniture, you must know it? Then take action and let the furniture in the room do its job.

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